ARS - Automatic Response System - was developed at Excel to ensure our customers stay informed of any changes and updates on all Purchase Orders. Our automatic notifications are basically informative and are totally separate from any other additional communication you may have with our support staff.

Basically, you are notified via an automated email whenever your Purchase Order reaches a key point in our process. This way you are always informed as far as the status of your PO.

The key points mentioned above are:

  1. Bullet Order Received. We will notify you when your order has been received and it is ready for processing.

  2. BulletArtwork Received. We will notify you when we have matched the artwork you submitted to your Purchase Order.

  3. BulletGoods Received. We will notify you when all goods are complete. You may end up dealing with our Stock Dept. until all conflicts - if any - are resolved but you will end up receiving a final notification when in fact we do have all the blanks.

  4. BulletProduction. You will receive a notification that your order has been moved to our production floor.

  5. BulletShipping/Tracking. You will receive a notification when your order has been shipped. It will include a tracking number.

Current customers are automatically included in Excel’s ARS. We encourage all customers to be a part of this innovative option.

Customers that do not wish to be notified by our ARS system can opt out by sending an email to and requesting to be removed from it.