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Send your Purchase Orders via:


FAX: 847-801-5205

ONLINE: See Online Order Form link in the right column of this page. If you decide to use this form submission method, your order will take at least one additional day to produce as we will have to confirm pricing with you.

To ensure 100% customer satisfaction and prevent any mistakes when processing your order, we request that the following information be provided upon order submission. To be considered for production time, your order must be complete with the information listed below.

  1. 1.Your complete information (Company name, address, contact name, phone number, email address)

  2. 2.Ship to information.

  3. 3.Shipping method.

  4. 4.Due Date – when do you want Excel to ship your order out? Provide in hands date if necessary.

  5. 5.Purchase Order Number. We recommend you use one (unique for every PO) so it becomes easier for us to track it on our system.

  6. 6.Order type: New Order or Re-order? If re-order please provide previous PO#.

  7. 7.Location of Imprint. Please be specific and indicate if multiple locations and list all locations.

  8. 8.Number of imprint colors for every location. This way we can properly determine if you have applied the correct pricing.

  9. 9.PMS colors of your design if you have them available. Your artwork should have this information but we always advise you to list them on your purchase order.

  10. 10.Total Quantity of garments.

  11. 11.Garment Color. Please be as specific as possible.

  12. 12.Garment Style. This will help us determine the proper size of the artwork.

  13. 13.Quantity Breakdown by size. Indicate Toddler, Youth or Adult in separate lines.

  14. 14.Special instructions. Fold, Poly-bag, Tags, etc. when necessary

  15. 15.Contact info for your PO – in case we need to contact you via phone or email. This will also help us when giving you order updates. (Artwork, production, stock, shipping, tracking)

  16. 16.Any other special request or instructions needed.

Please make sure your PO has pricing on it. (You need to know how much it will cost to produce your order before you submit it to us). Purchase Orders without pricing applied will be placed aside until we can contact you for pricing approval. This will most likely delay your order. If you are not sure how to price your order out, please call us back and we will give you the correct pricing.

Once we receive your order and we have all the information required, we will enter it into our system. If we are missing something we will call you or email you to confirm. Excel will not enter incomplete orders into its system.

Once your order has been entered into our system and we have confirmation that artwork has been received and it is good,  we will make every possible effort to send a layout via email at least 2-3 days before the production date. 

We must receive a written approval in order to proceed. Any delays in approving the layout will eventually affect the production date.

At the same time, out stock department will be on the lookout for the blanks. Once we have received the blanks, we will check them against your purchase order. If for any reason they do not match, you will be contacted via email. It is your responsibility to ensure a fast response as any delays caused by anyone besides Excel will affect the production date.

Excel considers your PO ready for production once we have confirmed the following items:

PO is complete and prices on PO are correct

Artwork has been submitted and a layout has been approved

All blanks have been received and they match your PO

Excel is not responsible for any delays caused by you or a third party. If there are any delays caused by Excel, we will make every effort to maintain your order on schedule.

If there is any delays that are not attributed to Excel and you still need your order produced within the original deadlines, a Rush Order Fee will be applied.

If you have any questions or concerns please call us.

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