Spot color printing is the most common screen printing process.


Excel is capable of printing up to 12 spot colors on White or Light color garments and up to 10 colors on any colored garment where a white underbase is required.

Although we have limitations on the number of spot colors that can be utilized, by use of halftones and printing techniques, we can reproduce gradients, fade-outs, over-prints and much more.


Spot color printing is best utilized when graphic elements are part of the artwork. Corporate logos are a good example. Delimited by graphic objects that have their own colors, each one is printed using a different screen. Halftones and the base color can be utilized in combination to obtain different shades of the same color or a totally different color that is determined by the combination of two or more inks.


All inks used at Excel are mixed in house by use of software generated formulas which  helps us create near perfect matching PANTONE © PMS colors.
It is important to understand the true fact that matching PMS colors 100% is not always possible, specially on dark garments as the use of white underbase is necessary. Once a white underbase has been applied, certain colors tend to vary and result in a lighter version. With experience, we have been able to accommodate our process for those variants to be as minimal as possible.


Take a look at some of  these techniques by going to our Screen Printing Help Zone.




Normally known as Four Colour Process.  CMYK Printing in the garment industry has been replaced by a technique that generates more vibrant prints and a bigger color spectrum. The CMYK colour model does not produce vibrant prints as inks are transparent. So, in order to obtain vibrant photo-realistic prints, our industry started focusing more on the simulated process model where 5-10 ink colors are used to obtain  a wider color gamut.


By combining standard plastisol inks, halftones, and a variety of color separation techniques, it is possible to obtain really sharp looking screen printed pieces.


One of the most important components of a good simulated process job starts with a good piece of artwork and a good set of color separations.

We at Excel have been using simulated process printing with great results. Our experienced art team has a great vision for color separations that result in great looking prints. See gallery


Need help determining if your job should be done as full color or as spot color?

Visiting our help zone could be of help.





Excel offers a wide variety of special effects printing.


  • Retail soft: By use of higher mesh/less ink, we can obtain extremely soft prints. The only drawback is that the color of the garment will affect the color of the ink being printed. Prints are not bright.
  • Distressed: Distressed prints are done via regular screen printing method. A special distressed filter is laid on top of the final artwork to simulate a distressed/old print. Normally a soft hand print works good with this combination.
  • Suede / Puff: This method adds a 3D effect to the print. The ink is specially made by adding additives to any regular ink. Puff will rise and give a more 3D effect, while Suede will rise less but will give a Suede feel to the final print.
  • Foil:  Foil will give the print a metallic/shiny look. The garment is printed with a glue base and later a foil material is applied on top via a heat press. Most common colors are Gold Foil and Silver Foil.
  • Glitter / Shimmer: Glitter prints are done by adding a layer of clear ink with metallic particles on top of any color already printed.
  • Metallic Inks: Similar to Glitter / Shimmer but with smaller particles suspended on the ink mixture. Contrary to Glitter, Metallic inks can be printed directly on top of the garment. Most common are Silver and Gold Metallic.
  • Gloss: By adding a clear glossy layer of ink, a shiny overlay  can give prints a clear shiny gel effect on any printed art.


Please click on any of the links above to see some examples. Also, please visit our Help Zone to see if your design is a good fit for special effects printing.




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